“It’s hard being a young designer. You have to work every day and believe in what you are doing.” – Mertxe Hernandez


HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN DESIGNING FOR? For over 20 years now. WHAT MADE YOU GET INTO FASHION? I got into fashion by the way my mother made our clothes for my sister and I. I found the creative side of fashion very interesting. EARLIEST FASHION MEMORY? Dressing my dolls. HOW DOES THE SPANISH FASHION SCENE COMPARE TO ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD? I think Barcelona is cool for its weather and lifestyle. You can find cool t-shirts & shorts in Summer. I don’t think  you can other cities such as Tokyo or New York as they are completely different. HOW DID YOU GO ABOUT DESIGNING YOUR COLLECTION? My collections comes from a mix between my intuition, what I like, what people like and my best sellers. WHO IS YOUR MUSE? My muse is a woman who is not afraid to dress in an original way. I adjust clothes to fit a woman who like the clothes I sell. I don’t design for a specific body type. CAN YOU DESCRIBE YOUR OWN PERSONAL STYLE? My style is bohemian chic. FAVOURITE SEASON? Summer. FAVOURITE DECADE/ERA? The 1920’s. WHOSE DESIGN AESTHETIC DO YOU ADMIRE? I really admire the aesthetic of Comme des Garçons, Balenciaga, Prada, Alexander McQueen and John Galliano. IF YOU HAD TO PICK JUST ONE ITEM OF CLOTHING OR AN ACCESSORY TO RESCUE FROM A HOUSE FIRE WHAT WOULD IT BE? Probably a coat or underwear. IF YOU COULD DESIGN A LOOK FOR ANYONE (ALIVE NOW OR DEAD) WHO WOULD IT BE? Madonna. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW? Flash Atkins – only because someone else is playing it. IF YOU COULD HOP ON A PLANE TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD WHERE WOULD YOU GO? Cuba & Mexico. FAVOURITE CITY? Barcelona. WHAT DO YOU MISS WHEN YOU’RE NOT AT HOME? My bed. IF YOU HAD ONE WISH, WHAT WOULD IT BE? I can’t tell you because if I do, it won’t come true! WHAT’S THE ONE THING ABOUT FASHION YOU THINK THE GENERAL PUBLIC WOULD BE SHOCKED TO KNOW? The bad conditions in some factories where the big companies make their clothes. HOW HARD IS IT AS A FRESH DESIGNER TO GET YOUR WORK OUT THERE? You have to work every day and believe in what you are doing. WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO PUSH? A new line of underwear. Images and video courtesy of Mertxe Hernández   Mertxe Hernandez Spring Summer 2014 Photo
Mertxe Hernandez Spring Summer 2014 Photo


“It’s hard being a young designer. You have to work every day and believe in what you are doing.” – Mertxe Hernandez

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Selim De Somavilla Downtown Fall Winter 2014 Photo


“Nowadays the fashion industry in Spain is a little bit tough especially for young designers because of the economic crisis.” – Selim De Somavilla

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Gabriela Coll Garments Serie No.1 Photo


“How does the Spanish fashion scene compare to anywhere else in the world?… I’ve never asked myself this question. For me it doesn’t have to do so much with place but more about the people.” – Gabriela Coll

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Rita Row Fall Winter 2015 Photo


“My earliest fashion memory is that I took kitchen scissors to my mother’s wedding dress and you can imagine the results!” – Xènia Semis from Rita Row.

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Txell Miras Fall 2015 photo


“I don’t have a muse. I admire women such as PJ Harvey or Patti Smith.” – Txell Miras

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Lanvin Pre-Fall 2015 Photo


Slick tailoring x animal print accents

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Markus Lupfer Pre-Fall 2015


Graphic embroidery + glittery fabrics

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Moschino Pre-Fall 2015 Photo


Satire x atelier tools

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