Pixelstick by Bitbanger Labs Photo

Pixelstick by Bitbanger Labs

Created by BitBanger Labs’ Duncan Frazier and Steve McGuigan, Pixelstick is a new gadget set to revolutionise long exposure light painting.
"Poetic Cosmos of the Breath" by Tomas Saraceno photo

“Poetic Cosmos of the Breath” by Tomas Saraceno

In the deepest darkest part of Essex, something cosmic happened in 2007…
Rinat Shingareev George Bush Easter Bunny Photo

Artist: Rinat Shingareev

Using images of famous and powerful people, London based artist Rinat Shingareev’s “Pop-art Iconography” is designed to bring only positive emotions.
Tomas Markevicius Graphics photo

Tomas Markevicius graphics

We’re feeling Lithuanian graphic designer, Tomas Markevicius interpretation of a ‘pop of colour’ in these fashion illustrations…