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Kirsty Ward Spring/Summer 2012

Kirsty Ward Spring/Summer 2012

Oxford born designer Kirsty Ward has continued to explore her love of sheer fabrics with her Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Drawing her inspiration from office wear and every day stationary, Ward has designed an intriguing collection of garments.
Ward launched her label in 2010 after graduating from Central Saint Martins with a distinction. Just three seasons into her label, Ward has been named by Vogue.co.uk as a ‘designer to watch’.
Spring/Summer 2012 has brought about a new, inspirational collection. Using sheer fabrics and the idea of layering and cutouts, the collection is sultry whilst also, truly, avant-garde.
Multi-layering and heavy embellishment epitomises the garments, with nearly all using panelling and cut outs to produce a sporty yet luxurious collection.
Safety pins and paperclips were used to create a textured layer upon many of the garments. Blurring the lines between a garment within the collection and jewellery is something that Ward succeeds in.
Using safety pins as a method of attachment is a unique way of creating a signature aesthetic. One such garment is designed like a coat. The top half is cut from heavy, beige fabric and the bottom half gives a dipped effect, with a blue hue. The outstanding affect this garment has, is that the two pieces are joined together loosely with safety pins.
Potentially an homage to the Versace dress Elizabeth Hurley wore in ’94, the idea is unique and aesthetically amazing.
Ward’s avant-garde designs, and love of heavy embellishment truly shines through in her latest, brilliant collection.
– Felicity Thistlethwaite

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